About Argo Holdings

Argo Holdings, as the headquarters of the Argo Group, is responsible for the management and operation of the Group's subsidiaries, improving the efficiency of business operations, and formulating business strategies.

Corporate philosophy

Only with Courage and Fairness Can Risk Become Opportunity.

We unlock value in the harshest times, enabling change makers to deliver growth and help revive struggling economies.

Changemakers: Clients who continue to take on challenges that bring about change in society and confront special situations.

We believe that the economy is an ecosystem whose circulation must not be stopped for the sake of social stability and growth. The stagnation of this economic circulation will cause Special Situations, but we believe that it is essential to connect these challenging times to the next growth opportunities.

With courage and a spirit of fairness, the Argo Group is committed to confronting the Special Situations that our clients face and providing them with solutions that maximize their value, revitalize their businesses and organizations, lead the economy to growth, and provide opportunities for new challenges, thereby contributing to furthering social change.

Through our business activities, we aim to promote the circulation of economy, funds, human resources, and know-how in Japan and other Asian countries, and to breathe new life into the economy and society. We believe that this is the social significance of the existence of the Argo Group.

Corporate philosophy

CEO greetings

We settle any sort of “Special Situation” with the spirit of fairness and create an economic circulation through the collection and investment.

Argo Group was newly founded in 2018, with Argo Japan Servicing Co., Ltd., which is a merger and integration of three companies that have built up track records as independent servicers in Japan over many years, as its core company, and has Argo Holdings Co., Ltd. as the management company.

Our business activities come from the conviction to “become the heart of economic circulation”.

Economic activities are various, but we think the final stage is the “Collection”. Without the collection, it cannot be circulated to the next economic activity.

However, we sometime face difficulties (Special Situation) in the collection stage.
In addition to debt collection, the Argo Group's domestic and overseas group companies work together to provide solutions to special situations faced by clients, such as disposal of assets and business withdrawal, by offering “Investment”, “Due Diligence”, “Servicing (debt management and collection)”, “Buy and Sell of Real estates”, and “Financing” solutions as collection professionals, with a spirit of fairness.

To us, the term “Fairness” means to contribute to the improvement of society's productivity, the improvement of capital liquidity, and the re-engagement of human resources by providing effective solutions that place contractual compliance and rationality at the forefront.

We hope that Argo Group will be the starting point of a new economic circulation that will bring vitality to the economy by promoting the mobility of the economy, funds, and human resources, and encouraging Reinvestment and Rechallenging.

As the Argo Group expands its business in the future, we would create an even greater economic cycle not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries where we have operations, and with the synergy, we continue to take on challenges without fear of risk so that we can contribute to society in an even greater way.

Argo Holding Co., Ltd.
Hirotaka Todo

Corporate outline

Corporate Name
Argo Holdings Co., Ltd.
Establishment date
July, 2018
10 million yen
Major Businesses
Management of subsidiaries as holding company
9F, Sumitomo Fudosan Hibiya Bldg., Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003
Phone Number
Board of Directors
Hirotaka Todo
Yuji Seki
Yuta Nakanishi
Outside director
Nobuyuki Matsukura
Outside corporate auditor
Hideo Mineshima

Corporate brochure

(As of 12/31/2021)